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The 11 GT/GTC is a three phases marine generator assambled on a 3 cylinders Mitsubishi engine block which performs 8,40 kW – 10,5 kVA at 1500 rpm and 50 Hz. It is the perfect marine generator set for small commercial boats which have a small electric demand, such as fishing boats, passenger boats, catamarans, etc. Its sound shield (canopy version) provides a quiet and noiseless navigation, working in the sea doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. There is also a wide range of kits for the most specific needs and the 11 GT/GTC is also available with synchronism for parallel operation and DNV type approval from IACS.


KVA 10,5 KVA
Max RPM 1500 RPM
Maximum active power 8,4 KW
Frequency 50 HZ
Phases Three-Phase
Total lenght with canopy 1032 MM
Total width with canopy 580 MM
Total height with canopy 668 MM
Total lenght without canopy 885 MM
Total width without canopy 580 MM
Total height without canopy 609 MM


L (in line)
V (90° “V” configuration)
Air Handling

TCA (Turbocharged with aftercooler)

TC (Turbocharged)
NA (Naturally Aspirated)

WG (Wastegate)

VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger)
TST (Twin Stage Turbocharge)
Injection System

M (Mechanical)

CR (Common Rail)
EUI (Electronic Unit Injector)
MPI (Multi Point Injection)
Exhaust System

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

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